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Internship Credit



P: (940) 565-4285

O: BLB 336F

Dr. Pope is responsible for managing FIREL student internships that seek course credit.

Students wishing to earn course credit for internships should visit FIREL Internships to learn more.

Students can gain valuable professional experience and connections by working in an internship. Three hours of course credit are available for eligible students with approved employment. The internship course may be used as one of your supporting courses on your degree plan.

  • 2.7 minimum cumulative UNT GPA

  • Completed 12 hours of business upper-division course work (3XXX-4XXX courses)

  • Have a declared major in FIREL Department

  • Be employed in a paid position

  • Employment must be directly related to the major field of study

  • You must work a minimum of 240 hours during the internship course.

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