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Get Yourself Connected to Your Future!

The UNT RMI Program has established a special mentor/mentee program designed to get you connected to insurance industry professionals who can help you integrate yourself into the industry and establish the right foundation to launch your career.
Doing so is a three-step process to get connected. Step1, establish your profile and Step 2, join the UNT RMI Mentor/Mentee group (see QR Codes below). After that, you only need to access the existing member hyperlink on the UNT RMI Mentor/Mentee group site and find someone who you think might meet your needs as a mentor and then reach out and contact them! It’s that simple. The character of the relationship you establish is totally up to you and your mentor. The current stable of prospective mentors includes more than 70 DFW insurance industry professionals – all have put their profiles into the hat as mentor candidates and are currently waiting to hear from you!
Once you pair yourself with a mentor, the UNT RMI Mentor/Mentee program will send you and your mentor periodic notes regarding possible events and activities that might serve as reasonable interactions for your team as well as gentle reminders to both you and your mentor to keep your connection active.

Step 1: Click here to create your student account.

Step 2: Click here to join the UNT RMI Mentor/Mentee Group.

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Questions: Contact Nat Pope (

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